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We aim to contribute Turkey in development of logistics industry and achieving more share in international logistics market, and also in recruitment of more and more employees.

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+90(212) 910 0000

We are offering storage solutions both in Turkey and abroad (at free and bonded warehouses).


By means of contractual warehouses at different locations we ensure storage of goods as long as requested or during customization period.

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+90(212) 910 0000

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, act responsible to ensure protection of habitats of human and other lives, and to ensure sustainability of life quality and sources.

We consider sustainability concept and make our best efforts to minimize environmental impact by the industry.


Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics always prioritizes environment!

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+90(212) 910 0000
Partial Transportation

Partial Transportation is significantly advantageous for companies which have partial loads.


Thanks to our Partial Transportation solutions, we rapidly, economically and safely transport your partial goods to numerous countries in Europe.

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+90(212) 910 0000

Germany Partial Transportation

Being an important center for our country’s trade, we regularly carry out complete and partial transportation throughout Germany. Taking into account international standards for each and every duty, we simultaneously monitor and follow up operations by specialized team.

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, safely deliver your goods destined to Germany.


Benelux Partial Transportation

We regularly carry out complete and partial transportation to Benelux countries. Thanks to our vehicles eligible for every type of load, we transport door-to-door in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.



Holding outstanding ports and trade network in Europe, we offer high quality, fast and reliable services in this line.


Italy Partial Transportation

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, reach farthest destinations in Europe. Thanks to our experienced team, strong agent network and fleet, we transport your complete and partial loads to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.


Scandinavia Partial Transportation

Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics olarak Avrupa’nın en uzak bölgelerine de ulaşıyoruz. İskandinav ülkeleri arasında yer alan Danimarka, İsveç, Norveç, Finlandiya ve İzlanda’ya tecrübeli ekibimiz, araçlarımız ve güçlü acente ağımız sayesinde komple ve parsiyel yüklerinizi güvenli ve hızlı bir şekilde ulaştırabiliyoruz.


Poland – Czechia – Slovakia Partial Transportation

Being reputable in Europe logistics, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics regularly carries out complete and partial load transportation to Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. Our experienced team, which meets requests and needs of the customers, well-operated fleet and regional agent network enable us deliver your goods door-to-door in a safe manner.


Austria Partial Transportation

Having an important geographical location, we transport your goods door-to-door in Austria. Acting in accordance with transit periods, we offer high quality and safe transportation services.


France Partial Transportation

Playing an important role in textile and fashion, we regularly provide partial transportation services in France. Based on 20 years of experience and our professional approach, we provide high quality, safe and fast services for your loads.


UK Partial Transportation

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, weekly carry out Partial Transportation services for UK, one of the main routes. Appropriate vehicles are used in accordance with international standards.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience your load is delivered quickly, safely and on time.


Spain Partial Transportation

Our fleet serves for complete and partial transportation to Spain.


Switzerland Partial Transportation

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, have knowledge and experience in transportation to Switzerland. Your partial loads are safely delivered to destination points by appropriate vehicles.

Sectors We Serve

Yekaş Fides Global Logistics Principles

Prioritizing customer satisfaction

Being sensitive to our employees and our environment

Developing innovative approaches and producing solutions

Acting within the framework of ethical rules