Yekaş Fides Global Logistics | Partial Transportation
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Partial Transportation

Partial Transportation

Being one of the solutions in logistic industry, Partial Transportation means transportation of a product or goods not completely but partly. In such a transportation mode, loads of a plurality of customers may be carried on the same route.


This option is particularly cost-efficient compared to other modes, and instead of renting a vehicle completely, loads of different customers take place on the same vehicle. Thus, high vehicle costs are eliminated for less goods. In cost calculation, the following are taken into account: dimensions, amount and tonnage of load.


Given logistic costs are significant expenses, Partial Transportation is quite favorable for companies which have partial loads. Especially low tonnage and volumes may sometimes cost high amounts. Thanks to our Partial Transportation solutions, we are able to transport your partial loads between Europe and Turkey in fast, safe and cost-efficient manner.


We are able to transport your loads door-to-door in a high quality and reliable manner such as, automotive industry, industrial products, textile etc.

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, offer fast, reliable and safe services in Partial Transportation. We offer road-, rail-, marine- and air transportation for partial loads. While vehicles are used for road transportation, we benefit from containers for marine and rail transportation. Whereas cargo planes are used for air transportation.


We give importance to loading and unloading processes. Hence, we eliminate possible risks and offer both cost-effective and transit period advantages to our customers in small amounts of loads, goods or raw materials.


By means of maximum efforts and diligence we show in transportation, we are favorable by a plurality of customers. Please do not hesitate to get into touch with us for your partial load transportation.