Yekaş Fides Global Logistics | Road Transportation
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Road Transportation

Road Transportation

We, Yekaş Fides Global Logistics, offer boutique road transportation services between all over Europe and Turkey by means of diversified vehicle fleet and contractual agents.


Thanks to our global service and agent network, and operational and industrial expertise, we provide tailor made solutions. We are able to carry out complete and partial transportation at main routes as well as numerous destinations.


While PO management systems and operation management create efficiency, we also offer a transparent operation process where simple monitoring and follow up is available for our customers.

Fridge and Thermo Transportation

In cold chain transportation field, we manage entire transportation operations in accordance with international quality and security standards, by thermal controlled transportation and storage techniques. We keep the products at appropriate temperatures and offer the most efficient transportation mode.


We, Yekaş Fides Global Lojistik company, deliver the goods to local distribution chains and chain supermarkets as well as medicine distribution channels between a temperature range of +25°C to -30°C.