Yekaş Fides Global Logistics | Sustainable Logistics
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Sustainable Logistics

Today, unfortunately it is inevitable for logistics being carried out by conventional vehicles all over the world not damage the environment. Carbon emission caused by vehicles particularly used for road transportation also adversely affects our life quality over time. Even though it is impossible to totally eliminate such effects, we may minimize thanks to the state-of-the-art.

Logistics industry play great role in the economies of countries. In order to make this contribution sustainable, logistics industry must operate smoothly. This also applies to sustainable logistics.

We reduce Carbon footprints!

We, Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics, act responsible to ensure protection of habitats of human and other lives, and to ensure sustainability of life quality and sources. We consider sustainability concept and make our best efforts to minimize environmental impact by the industry.

Thanks to Euro 5 and Euro 6 featured vehicles in our fleet, we minimize the environmental impact. Nevertheless, we also minimize road transportation particularly by combined transportation and intermodal solutions. At each and every stage we consider minimizing carbon footprints.

Yekaş & Fides Global Logistics always prioritizes environment!